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Be prepared to leave behind all the pre-conceived notions and past experiences you may have handicapping professional sports events such as Pro Football, College Football, Pro Basketball, College Basketball and Baseball. So get ready to open your mind to some fresh new ideas. Since 1987 Sportrends has pioneered and developed several innovating Sports Handicapping Systems which weaves together a recipe for success to accurately forecast the outcome of future team performances.

The ability to win requires a unique understanding of all of the processes involved and fortunately enough we have been on the Cutting Edge of so many of these processes. Rather than implementing one specific strategy, we intertwine several independent yet very powerful Sports models, sound logic and proprietary methodology not known or used by sportsbooks, oddsmakers or general public. What's the sense in using old ideas and indicators that nearly every other Sports Handicapper and sportsbook knows about? Can such widely known techniques really provide you a Handicapping edge? We are committed to always being one or two steps ahead of the sportsbooks by continually creating new ideas and Handicapping tools for successful long-term investment strategies, that puts you ahead of the curve.

Since 1987, Risk Management, Discipline and Winning has always been Sportrends  commitment to you and that is why we have gained the respect of thousands of loyal and satisfied customers. The truth of the matter is your confidence and support of our Sports Handicapping Software and Sports Handicapping Service is the reason why our Sports Handicapping Software and Sports Handicapping Service has become a leading force in the Sports Handicapping Business and why so many well respected Sports Handicapping Service and consultants and reputable Handicappers still predominantly rely on our Sports Handicapping Software.

If you spend just 15 minutes with our State of the Art Football Handicapping Software Basketball Handicapping Software Baseball Handicapping Software you to can start on the path to amassing wealth as an elite Handicapper. In terms of price and functionality our Sports Handicapping Software provides the best "Bang for the Buck". Other then making accurate selections our Sports Handicapping Software includes a multitude of exclusive technical tools that are sufficient for most demanding Handicappers and having the right tools at your disposal will help you acquire the characteristics of a true successful handicapper.

Sportrends Premier Sports Handicapping Service has been on the web since 1987, providing long term Winning strategies for our customers. Sportrends Longevity and Consistency over the past 3 decades is a remarkable achievement that many Sports Services would love to aspire to. We have always been ranked at the very top of the Sports Handicapping industry for both our Sports Handicapping Software and Sports Handicapping Service which covers College Football Pro Football College Basketball Pro Basketball and Baseball.

We spend countless hours daily researching statistics and lines on every sports event. Our website is filled with Sports Handicapping Systems, Mathematical models, Power Ratings and Statistical Matchups used by Handicappers all over the world. But only when we come across strong betting values do we select a game for our customers.

We urge you to try our free daily picks. Our free daily picks alone are earning quite a bit of money for our customers. We also urge you to try our Free Football Handicapping Software Free Basketball handicapping Software and Free Baseball Handicapping Software so you can familiarize yourself with all the software's features. 

With over 30 years of Sports Handicapping experience, Sportrends Sports Handicapping Service provides our customers with the best chance to win and continually increase their bankroll. Via our extensive in-depth research and detailed analysis using everything from Regression Analysis to Artificial Intelligence we are able to find the edge in team matchups that allows us to deliver consistent high percentage winners. We cover all major sports for the NBA, NFL, NCAAF, NCAAB and MLB.

Why should you consider our Sports Service Lets be honest, how many of you are being dominated by sportsbooks, and online casinos. Statistics have shown, only 20% of self-advised sports handicappers will win on any given weekend, at best. It's also not surprising that 95% of the betting public has no clue how Vegas arrives at their lines. Its safe to say, the series of power ratings the oddsmaker uses to generate lines can be flawed at times. Our mathematical models and information are independent from the oddsmakers in that we recognize weak and flawed lines, which try to sway the betting public in the wrong direction. For over 2 decades Sportrends premium Internet service has set new standards and given new meaning to the word dominance with 22 consecutive winning seasons.

What Separates our sports service from the crowd? - Obviously we are not the only guys in the sports handicapping industry who've built sophisticated, unbiased and effective sports ranking systems however doing it right takes a computational skill set that the vast majority of individuals do not possess. 

What can Sportrends do for you? -Since 1987 we have tested various propriety applications and power rankings for predicting the winners of games and projecting how teams will perform in every sport. Although performance always varies by sport and by season nearly every year our methods outperform benchmarks including the so called "expert" opinions and crowd wisdom at picking game winners and provide the foundation for profitable sports competition and wagering strategies with measured risk.

Premium Internet Advisory Sports Service - The strength of our advisory sports service is ultimately measured by our track record. Since 1987 Sportrends has shown results and has guided our valued customers to many winning seasons and you can expect us to continue in our traditional winning ways.

Frequently Asked Questions What is

What benefits does our sports software provide

Presents pertinent information visually - Its is our observation professional handicappers process information better through images rather then streams of facts and figures. Our software displays data in a logical fashion to help you easily see trends, situations, angles and allows you to gauge which team has the winning edge. We've also developed unique prediction tools that you control. You decide what stats are most important to you and the program generates a resulting set of predictions with data to back it up.

Test and implement a successful strategy - Manage your risk by making well informed and disciplined decisions. Our propriety sophisticated math models start quantitative measures of team performance created by objective and data driven methods, and not biased humans. We all know when it comes to predicting games, everyone has their theories. So whether your mathematically inclined or not to translate your theories into actionable winning strategies, let our software do it for you.

Saves you Time - Our newly developed sports  handicapping tools quickly scans through a multitude of statistical data and uncovers pertinent information impossible to find on your own. Our professional quality user interface with unmatched ease of use performs like a serious business application. 

Keys to Success - While no data-driven forecasting system is perfect, an intelligently derived and objective prediction system is a key weapon for cutting through unbiased media and message board hype. You will never find us releasing plays based on outlandish systems or backed by illogical reasoning. Our sports software provides "better numbers, which leads to better results".

Customer Feedback - For the past 2 decades 1000's of satisfied and successful customers surveyed have one thing in common, they found our sports software to be the most advanced and accurate handicapping tool around to beat the Vegas Odds-makers. Not only did our sports software increase our customers ability to pick winners, but it was easy and fun to use.

FREE technical phone support is always available. Try finding phone support from our competition, its non existent.

Still not convinced - Check out our features and compare it to any sports handicapping software package out there, at any price. Please take a few moments by clicking on our link below and view our products exclusive features not available in any other sports software package on the market today.

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